Retaining and engaging employees: how to do it?

How can organisations properly engage and retain employees?

From the increasing ageing of the workforce to the scarcity in the labour market: it is difficult for employers to get the right staff and keep them on board. It is therefore important to be an attractive employer for permanent and new employees.

12:30 Welcome with lunch
13.00 Opening and welcome by Nicky Foesenek - New approach/latest developments Entrepreneurship Agreement
13:10 Bas van de Pol, alderman of the Municipality of Tilburg on the importance of inclusive entrepreneurship
13.20 PM Employee Yourney: Professionals determine the success of your company: binding and engaging employees, presentation by Togethr
14.20 PM Example from practice
14:30 Closing

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  • Thursday the 16th of november 2023 from 15:30 to 17:00