Katja Heitmann | Reliquiem

What moves human beings? In the multi-year art project Motus Mori, Katja Heitmann collects and preserves human movement.

Since 2019, more than 1,000 people have already donated their personal movement to this embodied archive, based on which the choreographer creates new artworks each time.

In the 'movement opera' RELIQUIEM, you experience other people's motives in the most direct and penetrating way possible: through your body. In an intimate ritual, you put yourself in the shoes of the archive's many contributors and incorporate their personal 'movement relics' into your movement repertoire. Katja calls this 'kinetic empathy'. Which movement would you like to inherit?

ACTION: By showing your ticket for Reliquiem, you can visit De Pont on the same day for the promotional price of €9.50.


  • Daily starting from october 5th, 2023 until october 7th, 2023