Orlando - Loek de Bakker | Toneelschuur Producties

A new adaptation of Virginia Woolf's nearly 100-year-old text. Directed by Loek de Bakker, this new Orlando comes roaring into our time.

It is a performance that feels like a joyous, musical carousel on which we may step on and off. As vulnerable as it is bombastic, a big 'yes' for those who dare to get carried away in this search for identity.

Orlando is the fictional biography of a character who lives for three centuries and in that time constantly changes environment, social class, role and gender. From questing young nobleman to successful writer, Orlando continually relates to the changing social conventions and expectations of his/her time. And this hardly seems to bother him/her, which seems like a luxury position from our time. Orlando's rich identity is shaped by encounters, and by a big 'yes' to life.

With live music composed by Reindier (Reinier van Harten).


  • Wednesday the 25th of october 2023 at 20:30