Kraak: Silent Night / Ambient Night

FIX YOUR WINTER DIP WITH DEEPSKY AND TELEPORT! They will take you to other worlds and get you out of your winter slump with this unique chill-out concert.

They fill the basement with rugs, cushions, blankets, hot chocolate and gluhwein so you are recharged for the last weeks of 2023.


Deepsky expresses the intangible in sound. Themes such as planets, micro universes and prehistoric eras feel distant and abstract. Inspired by these themes, Deepsky takes you beyond time and space through musical improvisations, which are also translated into visuals and appropriate locations. During this quest, Koen Wijnen (drums & melodic percussion) and Carmen Raats (baritone guitar & FX) create dark ambient with driving grooves.


Live musical improvisations transform waiting rooms into desert landscapes, dance floors into metropolises, and festival tents into spaceships. TELEPORT takes you on a musical road trip - a journey you can take dancing, lying down, or walking around. TELEPORT is the collective of Koen Wijnen and Eva van Pelt.


  • Thursday the 14th of december 2023 at 20:00