Claudia and Pim make it in Tilburg

Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes started as a joke, but now they make about 400 cakes a year. And they're not just cakes and biscuits but real pearls. Claudia creates the unique look, while Pim takes you to seventh heaven with the heavenly flavours of the cakes.

How it started

Claudia was able to make beautiful cakes before the start of the company, as well as for their son's birthday. When they started to cut the cake, Pim didn't like the cake at all. "I challenged him. If you can do it better, do it yourself," Claudia said. Shortly after that, Pim started training in chocolate and patisserie and challenged Claudia to make even more beautiful cakes. She first delivered to friends and acquaintances. They now work together with various wedding locations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, so many couples know how to find Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes.

Cherry on the cake

Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes makes wedding cakes, children's cakes, Petit fours, 3D cakes, biscuits, macaroons and much more for companies and individuals. As icing on the cake, they have already received several awards. Claudia and Pim have already received the Love Award 2017- 2018 and Top Wedding Companies Award 2017-2018. Both prizes were won in the category wedding cakes.

The business market also knows where to find them for large 3D structures. A good example is a replica of the pop podium 013 for 800 people. The cake weighed 220 kilos and if you cut the cake, the dance floors and bars emerged." Recently they also made a replica of "The Wall" along the A2 in Utrecht. "In five years we still hope to make special cakes" hopes Pim.

Cake for the King's

Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes has made a lot of special cakes in recent years. They have surprised the best DJ in the world, Martin Garrix, five times on his birthday. Cake 5 Exclusive Cakes also made a very special cake, namely the birthday cake of King Willem-Alexander for his 50th birthday presented during King's Day in Tilburg in 2017. "It is very cool to be able to make the cake for the king." Pim explains during his interview with Booming Brabant.

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