INC. with avec

Writer Martijn Neggers was inspired this summer by Avec in Tilburg. For him it felt like a paradise of nice and cozy stuff that blows happiness in your face. "I walk past a mirror with a very large 'Smile' on it. I try to laugh. It works, a little bit", says Martijn. With all the inspiration that Martijn gets from Avec, he writes the story 'Broker in love' in the book INC.

Avec started out as a company for Everything For Educational & Creative, but now they stand for partnership in which the customer is relieved of as much as possible. Customers of Avec include Flying Tiger, HEMA and Action. Avec is very innovative. They bring hundreds of new products to the national and international market every month and the growth ambition is great.

Growth AVEC

Avec has recently purchased its third building in Tilburg due to the enormous growth of the company over the past three years. Earlier they bought the patronage in Tilburg, a former catering destination. The patronage will be modernized to use it as a showroom for national and international visitors. They always proudly show the city of Tilburg.

AVEC Martijn

Stefan Lanslots, Managing Director - AVEC: "I took part because I care about culture and I thought it would be nice to have a writer on the floor who uses our shop as a source of inspiration. But also because I simply like it. Who knows, maybe I'll score some highlights with it too. I am happy with the end result: a beautiful story about how culturally responsible we are and of course a nice new contact, Martijn Neggers."

Martijn Neggers

Martijn Neggers, born in Eindhoven 40 years ago, wrote his first book in 2010: Tegen de draad. After this book many more books by Martijn were published, in total 7 books were written by him. In 2014 he founded his own magazine: The Titan. The Titan is published once a quarter and looks like a 12 page newspaper. The office is located in Tilburg. He has also written texts for the Playboy, Brabants Dagblad and VICE Sports, among others.

Innovative storytelling

With INC. Tilt occupies the position between two growing fields of the Brabant landscape: the innovative business community and young literary talent in the province. Tilt was looking for enthusiastic, creative companies and authors to work together, to get to know each other better and to learn from each other. 

Eight talented young writers participated in eight companies in Brabant this summer. They sat down at a new desk, chatted at the coffee machine, took a walk with the director, or wandered around in warehouses. They took a look behind the scenes and drew inspiration for a short story. The eight stories that emerged from this are bundled in INC.