Jerry Opier

From companies that are working hard to absolute beginners. Established brands, creative entrepreneurs and talents who contribute to social integration. They find each other in BANK15. Founder Jerry Opier brings people together to benefit from it. "Profit is profit only when everyone has it."

It's less than ten o'clock in the morning and BANK15 is all about activity. In passing Jerry Opier approaches a young filmmaker for a job. Students go to their first lesson and Ryan from Iraq helps Sandwich by the centimetre with the preparations for lunch, to learn the Dutch language. Welcome to the world of BANK15.

Social Enterprise

In Tilburg, Opier was given the opportunity to give further shape to his dream. A dream in which commerce and social involvement are combined in one concept. BANK15 officially opened on 9 November 2016. "We are now completely full, but it is important that we have a continuous flow of newcomers, in order to be able to continue to offer opportunities. says Opier.

The impressive entrance on the ground floor serves as a food lab. Starting entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry can try out and develop their concept here, for which they have 1.5 years to do so. The building accommodates creative businesses, offers flexible workstations and exhibition space for young creators. In addition, BANK15 provides events that make social awareness possible and give talent a stage.

BANK15 offers a unique formula in a special environment. The idea is that partners, tenants and visitors learn from each other, share experiences and use their talent for the other. Guaranteeing commercialism by facilitating talent, creativity and entrepreneurship and reinvesting the proceeds in social integration. BANK15 is for everyone who wants to learn, meet, dream, grow, do business, make use of the Wisdom of Crowds and respond to the sub-economy. Here they are given the opportunity to research, test and test real time real life. Opier: "This is where we make knowledge accessible. This is where they can fail. This is where they can adjust their concept and where we work together to ensure that people who are distant from society can regain access to a wide range of events and programmes.

Cultivation garden, intersection and professional language

BANK15 offers opportunities to talents, creatives and entrepreneurs through the platforms Culture Garden, Trade Language and Crossroads. "Culture garden where talent is given a stage, intersection where stories create awareness and professional language where sharing knowledge and experience are central. Together with our partners, we will take our mission to another level in 2018 and we look forward to new collaborations to create even more impact. This is the key to innovation, refreshment and innovation," says Opier.

Why in Tilburg?

Tilburg is the ideal location for the unique BANK15 concept. "It is a real pilot city, both for starters and for companies and brands that want to try out something new," says Opier. Tilburg is a good reflection of the Dutch population and also has almost thirty thousand students from home and abroad.

Visit the concept to experience for yourself, to work together and to be inspired by the world of BANK15. They are located at Spoorlaan 350. They can also be followed on Facebook and Instagram. Join the movement.