Max ICT makes it in Tilburg

Alderman Berend de Vries (economics) presented the prize during a visit to MAX ICT on 23 August. "It is special if you have been able to achieve a 20% growth in turnover in such a competitive market for eleven years in a row. That says something about the knowledge and innovation with which MAX applies ICT e-commerce. This is a typical example of a future-proof, vital, but also competitively strong company. And that fits in the vital and healthy (inner) urban economy of Tilburg. In addition, they consider cooperation with local partners to be of paramount importance and are even developing a platform to stimulate this cooperation. I can only applaud that."

Top three in the Netherlands

MAX ICT is an e-commerce company that sells hardware and software online to SMEs in particular. They are among the top three players in the business SME market in the Netherlands. The three websites of MAX ICT are visited by about 2 million unique visitors per year. They offer the largest product range in the Netherlands, with 3,200,000 products spread over more than 18,000 brands. These are partly stored in our own warehouse and partly sent from external warehouse locations. Impressive figures. Director/owner Jeroen van Daalen: "When it comes to innovation in e-commerce, we are at the forefront of the chain. We have our own team of developers and together we are constantly looking for new opportunities." 


With an innovative strippenkaart system, new employees learn their way around the company within two weeks. The 37 employees (from 1 September 43) are central and carry the organization from mostly self-managing teams. They can relax in their own Max Gym and Max relaxation room. The company even has the ambition to become the most sporty company in Tilburg. Jeroen: "Happy and healthy employees are the most important thing. There is fruit of the business, in house training on nutrition, a good work/life balance and ergonomics training. And of course a monthly drink."

Are there still challenges? Jeroen: "In a positive way. Because of our growth we are looking for 15-20 new colleagues in the field of sales and customer service, but these positions are difficult to fill with the current tightness in the labour market. Nice fact: They visit customers in the Max Tesla's. Jeroen concludes: "Please contact us if you are interested!"

Company of the Month

Each month, Tilburg City Council and Tilburg City Marketing declare a Tilburg company to be Company of the Month, awarded a prize by Alderman Berend de Vries and allowed to call themselves Company of the Month for one month because they are ambassadors for Tilburg as an entrepreneurial city. How? By rolling up their sleeves like typical Tilburg people and going for it (together). Companies of the Month know how to work together and have meaning for the city and the people who live there. #Company Month

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