Niek and Marjo make it in Tilburg

As proud Tilburgers, they want to make a social contribution to our city and its inhabitants. A city where everyone should have the opportunity to develop themselves, to use their talents and to participate. In January 2017, Marjo Landsman and Niek Frijters joined forces to help people realize their personal dreams in the field of life, work and/or entrepreneurship.

The collaboration between Niek and Marjo originated during the 'Power on Tour' event organized by Feniks, the Emancipation Expertise Centre in Tilburg. Purpose of 'Power on Tour': to promote the social position of women. After joining forces, they helped more than 150 people under the name Social Power 013 (SK013) with personal, business questions and new challenges. "People know where to find us, we are also hired by employers from the business community, social organizations and government.

Changes make us insecure

Personal situations change: you lose your job, you get a divorce, you get a burnout. All these events create uncertain and stressful situations. This can lead to a negative spiral, sometimes resulting in a total blockage. Marjo: "How are you going to find your way out of this? SK013 can offer help at times like this. You can share your story with us, we think along with you, give advice and tips to get back on track. We help you choose a new focus and guide you in taking the next step in life. Together we will look for your motives. What knowledge and (life) experiences do you have, with which you could give your future a new direction? Everyone has unique qualities, which can be the basis for new happiness and success."

Joining forces

Niek: "Marjo and I are connectors that link people together because we believe in the power of co-creation and knowledge sharing. We are a good combination of feminine and masculine energy, both creative omdenkers who don't shy away from experimenting." Marjo's background is legal. She is a divorce coach and has a Job Findery to help people in their application process. She has worked in the past as a legal aid provider for refugees, gives the course "From We to You" at Phoenix on how to restart life after a divorce. Niek: "I come from the creative graphic corner (Bureau voor Beeldvorming), I am a strategist for companies and organisations, help entrepreneurs in the start-up and restart phase, think along with objectives, work on improving visibility. Thanks to our large network, we can refer you to people with specialist knowledge from the business world who can help you with specific problems and challenges". 

How entrepreneurial are you?

Marjo: "We also give courses for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is not a trick but 'a way of life'. We teach people to think entrepreneurially, activate them to act and take new steps. In addition, we cooperate practically in the start-up phase, but also in the growth phases that follow. We help with writing a business plan, guide starters with the registration of K.V.K. and write delivery conditions." 

As a driven networker, Niek knows many entrepreneurs, from small SMEs to directors of large companies. For more than 25 years he has been surrounded by enterprising people from Tilburg. Today, in addition to being the owner of SK013 and Bureau voor Beeldvorming, he is also a board member of Jost and chairman of MCSI (a cooperative of entrepreneurs who work together on innovative and social projects). "Tilburg is an enterprising city with many self-employed and SME companies, many of which work together and help each other out. Together you can make a fist, share knowledge, help each other to come up with new concepts and solutions."


"We feel privileged to hear the life stories, the dreams of the person. To see the first smile when people start looking ahead again. We often get back that we do things differently, that people do not feel like they have a number, a form, a clinical picture or a disability with us. 

We teach people to take control of their own lives, with self-responsibility and with an intrinsic motivation to want to grow and develop. We teach them to take the stage, to present themselves. We often see people change positively in a short period of time. This is 'our drive' to help and guide people with new choices in their lives."

The golden tip of Niek and Marjo

"Believe in your own abilities, keep challenging yourself and dare to take new steps every day ... this is the basis for staying future-proof!

Everything counts up, everyone participates

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