Toine makes it in Tilburg

A Tilburg company made an important contribution to sports performance during the Olympic Games and during the eleven-city swim. Thanks to Propeaq light goggles, athletes do not suffer from jet lag or sleeping problems.

"Difficult for the ordinary mortal, but for a top athlete this is the difference between a medal and no medal", says director Toine Schoutens. 

Light influences our sleep-wake rhythm, our energy, our mood. A special fact that has fascinated Managing Director Toine for many years. He experienced the effects of light for the first time when he was still working in health care. "To my surprise, people with a mood disorder were greatly improved." Light therapy is the basis of his company FluxPlus.

One of the products is the Propeaq, which regulates disruptions to our biological clock. Built into the light goggles are four blue LEDs that - just like the morning light on a beautiful day - make it more energetic. If you want to sleep, you can slide red lenses into the glasses in the evening. Red light simulates the setting sun, which makes us sleepy by nature.

Maarten van der Weijden

"We know from last year that Maarten had a hard time getting some sleep, because in his head he is busy with all kinds of other things. It broke him up early in the Elfstedenzwemtocht, knows Toine Schoutens. "Sleeping is very important for recovery. This year we advised him to sleep for 90 minutes at certain times. That is one sleep cycle and enough to recover from the effort. "

Because it is difficult for him to fall asleep, the boat will emit a red light at those moments. "Red light blocks all daylight or other ambient light. To further stimulate sleep, Maarten also wears glasses with red lenses before he goes to sleep. They have the same effect. In order to get back on track energetically after his sleep, he then receives glasses with blue lenses.

Jacco Verhaeren

FluxPlus developed the glasses and their app at the request of international swimming coach Jacco Verhaeren. "He used to drag light boxes all over the world," says Toine. The Propeaq was first used during the games in Rio. "Of the 115 athletes from 5 countries that we accompanied, 18 actually won a medal. 

The company provides not only products but also advice. For example, Toine is often called upon to help large organisations such as ANWB, Achmea and Holland Casino and several hospitals that work with night shifts. And DJ Giel Beelen was able to break the record of making radio in 2014, partly thanks to Fluxplus. 

Well-known Dutch people who act as role models are important to FluxPlus. The Tilburg-based company mainly relies on word-of-mouth advertising and media attention. "We are only a small company with a limited budget for promotion. " 


The Propeaq is designed by a Dutch company and the built-in electronics are also made in Holland. The glasses are assembled in China. The patented product is currently available in shops and webshops in nine countries (the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, China and Russia) and on major sales channels such as Amazon, and eBay.

The non-born Tilburger feels comfortable in this city. He has an office in business park 't Laar. "A stone's throw from my house." That's not the only advantage. Toine loves the business climate in the city. "It's businesslike but friendly here." 

Tilburg people and Tilburg entrepreneurs are very approachable, is his experience. "Especially if you do it in an old boy's currant bread way." Contacts are made quickly and things are arranged quickly. "But you also have to do a little more yourself." Finally, one last piece of advice? "Make use of the knowledge that is present in the city."