Vincent makes it in Tilburg

Manage your own business with your friends. Vincent has been doing this for a year and a half with friends he has known since high school. "From an early age, we wanted to do business. Together with my business partners, we thought about market gaps and wanted ideas for online concepts. We're making that 'dream' come true now and in the short time that we've put it into practice, it makes me very proud. We prefer to open the doors of digital success to as many entrepreneurs as possible. After all, there are too many opportunities that remain unexploited. Our company Scrumble uses custom software to bring new (digital) business models to life or to automate tasks that were previously too labour-intensive".

All based on the Scrum method, hence the company name. They work together with the club of four, but each with their own specialty. Vincent (25) is the link between the customer and the team. Luuk (25) and Rico (25) are responsible for the functionality as backend developer and Job (28) is responsible for the front-end: the flow and the appearance. "Together we form a complete team.

Nice scrubbing

"Scrum is a framework in which people can tackle complex problems and at the same time deliver products of the highest possible value. This is one of the reasons why we at Scrumble have chosen Scrum as our development method; we have a passion for developing advanced, top-quality software. The transparent cooperation that Scrum offers is also very important to us. We offer transparency by working in sprints; a short work period, often of two weeks. The possibilities to work on each sprint are determined in advance, together with the owner of the product (Product Owner). These are worked out and demonstrated in a short period of time, quickly, in detail and in a demonstrable manner. So you always know what we do.".

It must be innovative

"We are not the only ones who apply the scrum method, but what makes us innovative is that we select projects on their innovative aspects as much as possible. We prefer to work with entrepreneurs who want to design new concepts/start-ups. The drive we have to develop our own concepts gives our clients a real partner who thinks along with them. The role a customer has in Scrum, as owner of the product, in the cooperation with us, works fantastically well. After all, the customer knows more about his company and we know more about software. Through this structured cooperation, we arrive at a product that has an impact on the end users of the application".

Looking for personnel within six months

"In the first quarter, we got a lot of work done, were able to do lots of fun projects and ended up doing 748 hours of programming for our customers. This represents an occupancy rate of around 70%, which is very pleasant at first. Entrepreneurship is addictive for all of us. We constantly fantasize about all the possibilities and also about moments like hiring a first staff member. We have already started this search. The fact that we can do this in the city where we live is a very nice side effect.".

Tilburg is a source of energy, creativity and innovation.

Vincent does have an opinion about Tilburg: "Tilburg is increasingly a source of energy, creativity and innovation. The city is really flourishing, partly because of places like the Spoorzone. Thanks to hubs such as Station88, we were able to get to know a good club of people with whom we are in regular dialogue, for example about growth as an entrepreneur and as a company. Besides the fact that we all live in Tilburg, we find Tilburg a pleasant city with a relaxed atmosphere. The people we have known here for a long time and get to know new people is very easy to get to know because of the accessibility of the city.

Like a rocket in the air

One of their larger platforms has so far been recently launched. "In collaboration with DigitalSpot, we have created a platform where supply and demand in the field of digital transformation intersect. It is a place where organisations can seek advice and find a match with a digital expert and/or suitable service provider, who can help them achieve a successful digital transformation. It was very pleasant to work with the entrepreneur behind this concept. The nice thing is that such a platform is not yet ready after the first delivery; there are still some nice developments waiting for us".

Vincent's golden tip

"Don't be afraid of bold ideas, make a plan and just do it. Taking risks is part of the job.".

Innovative maker

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