A ride 013 with bonheur catering group

Tilburg is a city that makes, innovates and tests. From roller coasters for the Efteling to cars for Tesla. With entrepreneurs who work together in a compact city ideally located in the centre of Europe. There are companies located here that have a high wire power, are social, contrary, raw, experimental and have a sense of humour. Vincent Hopmans, born in Tilburg, invites a number of entrepreneurs from these companies for a ride through Tilburg. With 5 questions and 1 assignment, the carpool is a success.

The third person who gets in the car with Vincent is Tim Wijdemans. He is director at Bonheur Horeca Groep. An experimental company because with 8 unique hospitality locations in Tilburg, a recently launched product line 1712 and several unique pop-up locations, they know how to surprise everyone. In addition, the company has been nominated for the Brabant Hospitality Award out of 143 entries. Voting is still possible until 23 November (via www.Brabantgastvrij.nl)! The professional jury also sees the urge for innovation and originality in their hospitality concept and that is the reason for the nomination.

Tim Wijdemans knows better than anyone that Tilburg is an excellent business location, with the daily management of 8 branches. He thinks Tilburg is a fantastic city, but he thinks we are too modest about it. 

Next month in Ritje 013...
Vincent would like to know more about textiles and recycling. That's why he visits Wolkat and takes Joost for a ride through Tilburg.

Want to know more about doing business in Tilburg? Go to www.makeitintilburg.com.