A ride 013 with Broodje Aap & Linke Soep

Tilburg is a city that makes, innovates and tests. From roller coasters for the Efteling to cars for Tesla. With entrepreneurs who work together in a compact city ideally located in the centre of Europe. There are companies located here that have a high wire power, are social, contrary, raw, experimental and have a sense of humour. Vincent Hopmans, born in Tilburg, invites a number of entrepreneurs from these companies for a ride through Tilburg. With 5 questions and 1 assignment, the carpool is a success.

The fifth person who gets in the car with Vincent is Rian van Pelt. She is the initiator of Broodje Aap & Linke Soep. This is an intercultural lunch service where meeting is central. At Broodje Aap & Linke Soep connections are made and companies are actively involved in the integration of refugees. 

As of April 2016, Broodje Aap & Linke Soep will be actively cooking in their tasting room on the Boomstraat in Tilburg. Since then, more than 100 newcomers of 20 different nationalities have worked in the kitchen on language, culture and employee skills. In 2018 there was a pilot catering training for 8 newcomers to guide them to work. Of these, 4 people have a job and 2 people are busy setting up their own company. Next year this successful training will be expanded.

During this trip through Tilburg, Vincent asks Rian everything about the company and she is challenged to sing along to Guus Meeuwis' "It's a night". Discover what this company thinks of Tilburg. 

Next month in Ritje 013...
Vincent would like to know more about Volvo's. That's why he will visit Van Roosmalen and take Joris for a ride through Tilburg.

Want to know more about doing business in Tilburg? Go to www.makeitintilburg.com.