A ride 013 with First impression

Tilburg is a city that makes, innovates and tests. From roller coasters for the Efteling to cars for Tesla. With entrepreneurs who work together in a compact city ideally located in the centre of Europe. There are companies located here that have a high wire power, are social, contrary, raw, experimental and have a sense of humour. Vincent Hopmans, born in Tilburg, invites a number of these companies for a ride through Tilburg. Every month he and a Tilburg entrepreneur get in the car to learn more about the company, the city and the business climate.

The first entrepreneur to get in the car with Vincent is Koen Wouters. He is a co-founder of First Impression, a company in Tilburg that specialises in audiovisual technology. The twenty-year-old company creates an experience in which they want to play the senses as much as possible. They do this by selling the rental of AV equipment at events and fairs and by selling fixed installations to major brands.

Many people know First Impression from events such as Festival van 't Levenslied, Decibel Outdoor and Tilburg Culinair. They rent out the AV equipment for these kinds of events. First Impression also sells and installs fixed AV installations for major brands. Think of the gym chain Basic Fit, travel agency TUI and perfumery ICI Paris XL.

In total there are 80 people working under the leadership of 5 self-managing teams. This is partly due to the recent acquisition of Expressivo and Exclusive Deejays. These are two companies that are also specialized in audiovisual technology. This acquisition makes First Impression the largest regional organisation in event technology and AV rental in one fell swoop.

During this trip through Tilburg, Vincent will ask Koen everything about the company and he will be challenged to sing a song along with a singer from Tilburg. 

Next month in Ritje 013...
This time Vincent is very curious about one of the biggest printing companies in Tilburg. That's why he will visit Q-Promotions and take Esther for a ride through Tilburg.

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