A ride 013 with Q-promotions

Tilburg is a city that makes, innovates and tests. From roller coasters for the Efteling to cars for Tesla. With entrepreneurs who work together in a compact city ideally located in the centre of Europe. There are companies located here that have a high wire power, are social, contrary, raw, experimental and have a sense of humour. Vincent Hopmans, born in Tilburg, invites a number of entrepreneurs from these companies for a ride through Tilburg. With 5 questions and 1 assignment, the carpool is a success.

The second person who gets in the car with Vincent is Esther van Loon. She is concept manager at Q-Promotions, a company in Tilburg that specializes in printing. The company was founded in 2002 by Tommy Grein, who is still in charge today.  Q-Promotions is a large printing company in Tilburg that has over 1,000,000 kilos of printed matter per year. With 38 employees they take care of the printing for among others Willem II, Tilburg Zingt and Tricorp Workwear. In addition to the standard products, Q-Promotions also sells decorative cushions and prints newspapers. They have a very diverse range of printed matter. 

During this trip through Tilburg, Vincent asks Esther everything about the company and she is challenged to sing a song by Guus Meeuwis. Find out what this company thinks of Tilburg. 

Next month in Ritje 013...

Vincent would like to know more about textiles and recycling. That's why he visits Wolkat and takes Joost for a ride through Tilburg.
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