Een ritje 013 met van Roosmalen

Tilburg is a city that makes, innovates and tests. From roller coasters for the Efteling to cars for Tesla. With entrepreneurs who work together in a compact city ideally located in the centre of Europe. There are companies located here that have a high wire power, are social, contrary, raw, experimental and have a sense of humour. Vincent Hopmans, born in Tilburg, invites a number of entrepreneurs from these companies for a ride through Tilburg. With 5 questions and 1 assignment, the carpool is a success.

The sixth person who gets in the car with Vincent is Joris van Caulil. He is commercial manager at Volvo dealer Van Roosmalen. This company is a real family business. What once started as a bicycle business, is now the largest Volvo dealer group in the Netherlands with branches throughout Brabant. 

The entire showroom and workshop of Van Roosmalen in Tilburg were rebuilt at the end of 2014 according to the Volvo house style, and the VPS (Volvo Personal Service) principle was integrated in the rebuild. This principle makes it possible for customers to keep track of the maintenance while working on the Volvo in the workshop. In addition, Van Roosmalen has a very ambitious goal: by 2020, the brand wants to ensure that a Volvo will never again have a dead or seriously injured person.

Vincent visited the Tilburg branch and took Joris for a Ride 013. What does Joris think of Tilburg? Is it a pleasant city to do business in and why is this? During this trip through Tilburg, Vincent asks Joris everything about the company. Discover what this company thinks of Tilburg. 

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This is the last edition of Ritje 013 for now.

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