AVEC wins BOV Trophy 2019

The BOV Trophy 2019 has become a prey for Stefan Lanslots' Avec in Tilburg. This year, the BOV Trophy celebrated its 20th anniversary in Theaters Tilburg with the theme 'A future with history'. Within this theme, Lanslots' entrepreneurial vision was chosen by the leading professional jury just above that of Ron Haans and Koen Wouters of First Impression (Tilburg) and above that of Bert van Loon of WeedControl (Waalwijk).
Three high quality finalists - three historically proven finalists - three finalists with a future full of challenges but full of confidence to be able to enter that future - and yet there can only be one winner. 
So what makes the difference? Which of the entrepreneurs has a vision that goes beyond its own business operations? Which of the finalists can make the biggest difference in the long run with the challenges that the jury has also mentioned? And which company do we see support for this from the entire staff? The jury sees this even more at Avec than at the other two finalists.
Stefan Lanslots van Avec proudly received the coveted prize during the award show under the watchful eye of 740 guests and presenter Rob Kamphues.
After a trip last year to the new location CUBE of Tilburg University, the BOV-Trophy was held again this year in Theaters Tilburg.  A location that has proven its value for the BOV Trophy in the past. A sparkling Theaters Tilburg formed a special setting for an extensive dinner of the occasional restaurant Brutal Love, a collaboration between the chefs Ralph Blaakenburg (La Nouvelle Auberge), Steffan Oerlemans (Cookaholics), Koos de Wolf (De Houtloods), Tom Biessen (Lucebert), Hans Verhoeven (Kok Verhoeven) and sommelier Michael Daals (Dare Wines).
Subsequently, in the theatre, the audience was given a bird's-eye view of the three finalists, with interviews, visual tours de force and special acts. Everything culminates in the highlight of the evening: the presentation of the BOV Trophy. Finally, there was a toast to this with the winner himself.
BOV stands for Best Entrepreneurial Vision. The organisation is in the hands of the Junior Chamber Heart of Brabant. As the name suggests, we are looking for the best entrepreneur. Because there are many types of entrepreneurs, companies and industries, this is tested annually within a certain theme. The theme for this year was 'A future with history'. This year the trophy was awarded for the 20th time. A jubilee year with a golden edge. The jury played an important role in this. The members of the jury are local 'captains of industry' from all sorts of disciplines who form a sharp and balanced picture of the candidates.

Remoticom wins Junior BOV-Trophy

In the wake of Avec, Remoticom, also from Tilburg, took off with the Junior BOV-Trophy, the talent award for companies that have left an indelible impression in the first five years of their existence. This year, in contrast to previous years, it was decided to make the Junior BOV Trophy a jury prize as well. A specialist jury specially composed for the Junior BOV-Trophy chose Remoticom as the big winner over the other two finalists Propeaq and Stacking Financing.

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