BANK15 rolls out SharingScan

BANK15, the place where talent, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship come together, is going to use the benefits of the SharingScan. The company has started with the Tilburg office to investigate which assets and facilities they will share, and what the benefits will be.

The SharingScan was developed by FLOOW2. They make it possible for companies and organizations worldwide to share unused assets, materials, facilities and services through their marketplace solutions.

With the SharingScan, companies can now, before they start, calculate what they can potentially earn or save by sharing, renting and selling these unused assets. "This is not only about financial benefits, but also about energy and CO2 savings. This is quite unique, because this has never been done before in the B2B sub-economy", says Rob Haenen, founder of FLOOW2.

First results SharingScan positive

The first results are now visible and director Jerry Opier of BANK15 is enthusiastic: "BANK15 strives for an inclusive society, by applying a commercial way of thinking to social issues. We want to make a difference and are always working on innovation. Asset sharing is therefore one of our pillars. I was positively surprised by the concrete results of the sharing scan."

The sharing scan of BANK15 shows that they can make better use of multiple capacities, for example for workplaces, parking spaces and surplus stock.

Do you want to know more or do you want to do a scan for your organisation? Contact us here or start the SharingScan here.