Beursvloer Tilburg provides social added value

On Tuesday, October 8, Tilburg will take place for the fourteenth time. More than 200 civil society organisations and socially involved companies gather in the Koning Willem II stadium with only one goal: to close one or more matches.  

On Beursvloer Tilburg, the wishes of foundations and associations are fulfilled by the business community, all with closed trade fairs. In this way, the companies do something in return for society. But the civil society organisations also do something in return. In this way, Beursvloer Tilburg delivers both business and social returns. Once again, the Koning Willem II stadium was chosen for the location, offered free of charge by Bonheur Horeca Groep, which in this way demonstrates its social involvement. 

The success of Beursvloer Tilburg is measured in the number of past deals, matches called (business agreements) that are sealed by Daamen de Kort van Tuijl Notarissen. Each match represents an economic value. Over the past few years, almost 500 matches have been closed in 1.5 hours, with a total value of 1 million euros. This makes Tilburg Beursvloer the largest exhibition floor in the Netherlands. Check our agenda for more information about this event. 


There is still limited space, both for companies and non-profit organizations (the charities). For more information, please contact Albert Rusch of ContourdeTwern at or visit the website 

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