Tilburg, 1 October 2019 - SPIE Nederland B.V. and Remoticom B.V. enter into a collaboration in the field of innovative and intelligent solutions. Thanks to Remoticom's innovative sensor solutions and SPIE's knowledge within the installation sector, the companies can work together to make the urban environment safer, more sustainable and more intelligent. 

Within this cooperation, SPIE will purchase existing products from Remoticom under the Remoticom brand, but also as an OEM under the SPIE brand. In addition, the company will place the development of new products with Remoticom. Both parties will build up a product portfolio within the different industries in which SPIE is active.  

SPIE Nederland B.V. is a subsidiary of the SPIE Group.  In 2017, the company took over public lighting manufacturer Ziut. In doing so, SPIE added innovative and intelligent solutions in cities to the Smart City market segment. In addition to the Smart City segment, SPIE Nederland B.V. is also active in the market segments e-fficient buildings, Energies and Industry services. 

Remoticom B.V. was founded in 2015 and has since focused on intelligent sensor technology. Remoticom's internet-connected sensors are connected to the cellular network, enabling them to communicate with the Remoticom server. The measured data is easy to read in the Remoticom portal or through an open API in a third party environment. 

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