DOKVAST develops Europe's most sustainable distribution centre

The DC NewLogic III at the 'Het Laar' business park in Tilburg may call itself the most sustainable DC in Europe. This week, the gas-free logistics centre received the BREEAM Outstanding design certificate. Innovative working methods and well thought-out solutions meant that developer DOKVAST was able to earn more and more credits. Through the use of smart technology and sustainable materials, the new headquarters of Rhenus Contract Logistics received a score of 98.48%.

With the arrival of NewLogic III - nicknamed The Tube - Tilburg has acquired a new icon,' says Jos Klanderman, managing director of DOKVAST. Not only is the futuristic design striking, but also the high BREEAM score. Klanderman is therefore very pleased with the result: 'We have almost achieved the maximum score in all categories. We always fly to the 'energy' category from the Trias Energetica. For example, we provide an airtight outer shell, we use sustainably generated energy with solar panels and we use fossil fuels sparingly'. In addition, the use of sustainable materials, automatically dimming LED lighting, triple insulation glass, extra insulation of roofs, a heat pump and E boilers have contributed to the high BREEAM certification. An 'Outstanding' score was also set for the realisation; this delivery certificate was obtained on 12 June. In the third quarter of 2018, Rhenus Contract Logistics will take the building into use.

NewLogic III

At the end of 2017 the construction of NewLogic III at the Doctor Paul Janssenweg started. Architect Hung Tran of Habeon Architects is responsible for the design. As a turnkey builder, Heembouw is in charge of the design and implementation. DOKVAST is also supported by installation consultant Quadrant4. Raimond Weenink Bedrijfsmakelaardij acts as a broker. NewLogic III has a total area of approximately 60,400 m², of which approximately 40,000 m² warehouse, 4,400 m² office space and 16,000 m² VAL (Value Added Logistics), to be expanded with another 15,000 m² VAL. The building is characterised by a high degree of flexibility and its layout by compartmentalisation, a high floor load, 45 dock doors and possibilities for expansion with regard to the mezzanine floors.

State-of-the-art facility software

The all-electric DC only consumes energy when it is needed; for example, lighting is only switched on when there is someone in the room in question. DOKVAST also goes one step further: DOCC CONTROL will provide NewLogic III with state-of-the-art facility software, with which the building can be efficiently maintained. Dozens of devices are equipped with smart technology, including smart sensors according to the Internet or Things concept: by combining Big Data, maintenance is predicted and scheduled. Klanderman explains: We provide sensors for everything that is mechanically or fault-sensitive. Think of levelers, elevators, doors and all lighting fixtures. This allows us to see how often each door opens and closes. The more often this happens, the faster a door needs to be maintained. We can adjust the maintenance plan accordingly. All data can be read out via the DOCC Control app. In the event of excesses, a report is automatically sent to the designated persons and/or companies. Klanderman: 'In this way, ad hoc malfunctions can be solved immediately and proactively. In addition, we are going to test with the latest indoor GPS system; NewLogic III and Rhenus Contract Logistics are ready for the future!