Dutch Technology Week

This week the 8th edition of the Dutch Technology Week takes place. The municipality of Tilburg is participating for the second time this year. During this week, wonderful and innovative technology stories will be told throughout the Netherlands.

The municipalities of Heusden, Waalwijk and Loon op Zand will also join in this year with various events. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration, everyone in Central Brabant can see, feel and experience this week how beautiful technology can be and how challenging it is to work on inventions that change the world. A week full of surprises with a.o. a Girls on Tech tour, the Spacebuzz, an Amazing Route and of course the public High Tech Discovery Routes on Saturday 25 May in Nieuwkuijk and Tilburg.

The program in the heart of Brabant

Monday 20 May


In a 15 meter long rocket, 200 children will experience the fragility and vulnerability of the earth through an experience with VR headsets. The Spacebuzz is located in the courtyard of the Forge thanks to MindLabs and can be visited there for three days by everyone. After that, it travels for another two days to the campus of Tilburg University.

Tuesday 21 May

Young Talent Tour & Girls on Tech Tour

Young people from secondary education visit leading companies in the field of technology such as Capi Europe, Agristo and the innovative Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, with the aim of forming an image of themselves in technical professions.

The May tour goes to Focal Meditech and the Elisabeth TweeSteden Hospital Tilburg. They will see, for example, how tools are developed and made that offer the user a more independent life and will get a glimpse of the high-tech applications of technology in a hospital.

Become a data treasure-digger @Tilburg

In this popular workshop people build a digital weather house based on an Arduino mini computer, which in turn transmits data to meetjestad.nl via the LoRa network. The results will be shown on the Monitor of the City in the FutureLab in the LocHal.

Wednesday 22 May


An inspiring open market for education professionals. Various parties will show how technology can be applied in primary education, alternating with short workshops and a visit to the Spacebuzz. 
At 16:30 hours alderman for education Marcelle Hendrickx will be at the kick-off of 'Build a House', the start of the construction of the new technology classroom of primary school Cleijn Hasselt and welfare organisation Contour de Twern. What's special is that the students are going to build these themselves! They will do this with parents, local residents, teachers and with the support of the construction company HAWEE and the Discover Station013. This is a free entrance for education professionals, and this programme will be extended to the Education Café.

Educational Café

At Station88 psychobiologist, teacher and vlogger Boy Vissers will take the audience along in a story about 'How our brains actually learn' by means of a workshop and experiments. You can apply for the Education Café via the Development Academy.

Thursday 23 May

MBO on Tech Tour

Students of the ROC Tilburg are looking for tech companies in the region; Hoppenbrouwers Techniek, Jules Goossens Lightning Protection and the Efteling. Hoppenbrouwers Techniek is highly innovative in the field of installation technology. Jules Goossens is a top specialist in preventing damage caused by electrical phenomena. In the afternoon the Efteling is visited where the students get a look behind the scenes and see what work is being done on attractions in the Efteling. In this way, the students can immediately see in practice what kind of projects they will be able to work on at these companies in the future.

Friday 24 May

Amazing route

There's no such thing as a world without technology... But what connects technology with art and what does nature teach us about technology? What do they have to do with each other? Can they be interconnected? Or are they already connected? Pupils from group 6 discover this during the Dutch Technology Week during the Amazement Route in Tilburg city centre. The Amazement Route takes them from the Discover Station013 to the Museum De Pont, from Vincent's Drawing Room to the Nature Museum and from the Textile Museum to the library in the LocHal.

Saturday 25 May

The High Tech Discovery Routes in Central Brabant
Technology Day @DeLangstraat

Technique will be promoted during the Day of Technology De Langstraat! Everyone can experience and see what's going on in technology with all kinds of fun activities for young and old. In addition to companies, there are also educational institutions and civil society organisations present to enthuse young and old about technology.
 Everyone is welcome between 10.00 and 14.00 at Benier, Looier 20 in Nieuwkuijk.

The raft of an enthusiastic Fluent Lotte about the Day of Technology can be found on the youtube canal of VlottTilburg: Vlog van vlotte Lotte


“Building the Future’ Ontdekkingsroute @LocHal

Vette Tech! In de LocHal kan iedereen zich tijdens de High Tech ontdekkingsroute op 25 mei duiken in allerlei coole tech activiteiten. Van printen met een 3-D printer wat je inmiddels niet meer kopen kan of alle gadgets in je huis aansturen d.m.v. domotica of leren hoe je een robot aan het werk zet. Met virtual reality kan je het fijnstof in de stad onderzoeken. Je gaat zien wat Augmented Reality gaat betekenen in de toekomst bij festivals en hoe gebruik gemaakt kan worden van een hololens. Tevens wordt er binnen met drones gevlogen…
Ook hier zijn veel lokale techbedrijven te vinden als Oostdam Engineering, het Digilab, Klik aan klik uit, Gamelab, Ontdekstation013, OTIB, Stijn Kaiser VR Fijnstof, Focal Meditech, Avans Bouwkunde, Shapelab, Stipglas en Ontwerpcirkel.

Kom en ervaar dit allemaal op 25 mei tijdensBuilding the Future’: High Tech Ontdekkingsroute in de Lochal van 13.00 tot 16.00 uur.

Het hele programma vindt je ook op www.dutchtechnologyweek.com of de facebookpagina van Platform Promotie Techniek Midden Brabant.

"Building the Future Discovery Route @LocHal

Fat Tech! In the LocHal everyone can dive into all kinds of cool tech activities during the High Tech Discovery Route on May 25th. From printing with a 3-D printer that you can't buy anymore or controlling all the gadgets in your house by means of home automation or learning how to put a robot to work. With virtual reality, you can investigate fine dust in the city. You will see what Augmented Reality will mean in the future at festivals and how a hollow lens can be used. In addition, drones are flown in...
Here, too, many local tech companies can be found, such as Oostdam Engineering, the Digilab, Click to Click, Gamelab, Discover Station013, OTIB, Stijn Kaiser VR Fine Dust, Focal Meditech, Avans Bouwkunde, Shapelab, Stipglas and Ontwerpcirkel.

Come and experience all this on 25 May during 'Building the Future': High Tech Discovery Route in the Lochal from 13.00 to 16.00 hours.

The entire programme can also be found on www.dutchtechnologyweek.com or on the facebook page of Platform Promotie Techniek Midden Brabant.