Entrepreneurs from Tilburg to work with partial economy

Whether we talk about circular economy or sub-economy, both have the same goal: namely less waste and more efficient use of things, materials or facilities that we already have. Sharing is actually a thing of the past, but in 2019 it will be in a new digital format. Since last week, the business parks Het Laar, Katsbogten, Kraaiven and Loven, as well as the business park Vossenberg, have their own online B2B sharing platform: Parksharing. On this platform, entrepreneurs based in the business parks can use stationary assets, business assets, residual materials, facilities and other items, rent, rent, sell, sell and/or lend out. Not only do entrepreneurs make sustainable business concrete, it is also an extra revenue model and a new form of cooperation at and between the Tilburg business parks.

"Entrepreneurs are looking for a concrete example to be sustainable. According to Lieke Roodenburg-Slegers (park manager at business parks Het Laar and Katsbogten), this platform is a digital tool that can be put into practice quickly and easily.

B2b sub-marketplace

How does it work? Very simple! Entrepreneurs can offer assets as well as find them on this online B2B marketplace. Think of a stationary forklift, a company car, an aerial work platform, unused meeting space, parking spaces or storage facilities. The subplatform enables entrepreneurs to make more efficient use of the existing operating capacity by sharing it locally. An innovative approach that provides financial, sustainable and social benefits. By clicking on the advertisement, the reader receives more information and can immediately close a deal. Although the platform is digital, the platform is personal through its own profile, reviews and personal contact details. Parksharing is designed for and by entrepreneurs, and is designed to prevent waste and excessive purchase of assets. This results in both cost savings and extra turnover. It does require some awareness to share more things with each other. This awareness and trend will also continue in companies as sustainable entrepreneurship becomes increasingly important. Moreover, it is the perfect opportunity to get in touch with your neighbours and start new collaborations with them.


"Sharing is easy, but it requires attention, awareness and motivation. Take a look within your organisation, what regularly comes to a standstill? What do you want to share with others? What might my neighbours need or what do I need myself? The platform has been improved in the past year on the wishes of entrepreneurs on business park Vossenberg, so it is now also possible to post reviews. Handy and good to know how other entrepreneurs have experienced sharing the asset in question, says Christel Tax-Gloudemans (park manager at business parks Vossenberg, Vossenberg WEST II, Kraaiven and Loven).

With a view to the future, just thinking about sustainability is no longer enough, it's all about doing it! Trying, experiencing and making a difference together. Does your organisation participate? www.parksharing.nl