Forklift truck drivers DB Schenker receive VR training

Tilburg is a pilot city! The Tilburg-based DB Schenker is the first in the world to get started with a VR forklift training. The prototype of the VR (Virtual Reality) forklift training from Fraunhofer IML will come to the Netherlands in an adapted form. "I am proud that the VR training system, which I worked on last year, is coming to the Netherlands. Tilburg is the first DB Schenker location in the world with this innovation. I can't wait to start this pilot."

The aim of the system is to shorten the duration of the training to become a forklift driver and, at the same time, to practice in the actual storage environment of the location. Typical storage and retrieval processes are simulated with the system. The prototype consists of a rebuilt forklift control system and is connected to the VR-glasses. The combination of steering and at the same time a 360-degree view through the glasses ensures that the situation in a warehouse is precisely simulated.

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