Foundation Goei Eete takes a different approach to the food chain

The Tilburg-based Goei Eete Foundation was launched in 2009 as a citizens' initiative with the objective of approaching the traditional food chain in a different way, namely on the basis of demand. By uniting consumers, a fist can be made so that the farmer gets a better price, he delivers his food to a loyal group of people and contact with the market is restored. 

It feels safer for consumers to know who makes their food and how this is done. And why dragging food when everything can be made locally. 
Goei Eete relies mainly on many volunteers who help in the field of ICT, finance, legal affairs, marketing, logistics and distribution. They also have a special relationship to maintain with farm shop De Walhoeve because many logistical tasks are arranged through them. 
Stichting Goei Eete acts from the idea of bringing about change in a positive way. "We think in terms of opportunities, believe in the skills of the individual and the strength of the group, but all this on a modern basis and on a solid professional basis. Our doors are open, we are looking forward to hearing your ideas! Join us!" 

Our farm

Last Sunday evening, the programme Our Farm, presented by Yvon Jaspers, made it clear once again why we should opt for regional food. Many different vegetables are imported from Mediterranean countries and sold in our supermarkets, while Dutch vegetables are for the most part exported. That's crazy. 

In Dutch greenhouses, bumblebees are also being used more and more sustainably for pollination, water and energy savings and minimal or no use of pesticides. Examples of Goei Eete's tomato suppliers are Oirschot Organics and Natural Tomato, in the neighbourhood and also the tastiest. 


Goei Eete has a September campaign running for the month of September. Every new orderer can use the promotion code sep2019n only once. The code gives a 10% discount on the order. This also applies to orders placed by an orderer. 

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