Four Tilburg companies in the top 250 growth companies

Whether your company can grow well in Tilburg? Yes, you can! No less than four companies from Tilburg have conquered a place in the top 250 growth companies of NL Groeit. Hoppenbrouwers, First Impression, Leseman Car Care and Max ICT are the lucky ones. You don't just receive a place in the top 250 growth companies, they have all worked very hard for that!


With more than 100 years of experience and 1000 employees, Hoppenbrouwers has become a modern installation company. In 2018, the company even received a royal award for its 100-year anniversary! Where is the strength of the company? In their people! Employees are number one at the company. Recently, Hoppenbrouwers was still in the news after the company became one step bigger by taking over Piels Technische Installaties and Baderie Piels.

First impression

It's all about experience! That's what First Impression stands for. The company specialises in audiovisual solutions. The company has been doing this for years. With a team of 80 AVentures, the company's knowledge seems infinite, everything is possible at First Impression and nothing is too crazy. First Impression was a guest a while back at Ritje 013, where the born Tilburger Vincent Hopmans spoke with Koen Wouters, director of First Impression. Click here for the video.


MAX ICT specialises as an online supplier of computer products for the business SME market in the Netherlands. The company does this with an extensive range of more than 3,000,000 products. Personal contact with the customer is extremely important for the company. This is therefore the key to success for Max ICT. In August 2018, Max ICT was declared the company of the month.

Leseman Car Care

The successful Leseman relieves its customers of the burden of preparing cars for sale. The company takes everything involved out of its hands. With experience, knowledge, precision and a team of specialists, the company is able to do any job. Just like Max ICT, Leseman Car Care was also named company of the month. In May 2017, the company received the award.

Tilburgse grows!