Freshheads wins two Red Dot Awards

Yesterday it was announced that Freshheads has won two Red Dot Awards. This is quite an achievement, since out of 8,697 international entries, 696 met the strict criteria of the jury (of which only 26 were Dutch projects!).

Red Dot stands for being among the best in design and business. This international design competition, the "Red Dot Design Award", is meant for anyone who wants to stand out through design. The award is based on the principle of selection and presentation. Excellent design is selected by competent expert juries in the field of product design, communication design and design concepts. 

The awards won are not only for Freshheads, but also for YoungOnes and Stedelijk Museum Breda. This is a confirmation of the quality, creativity and impact that they have pursued together.


Working for the same boss forever, just like your dad? For most young people between the ages of 18 and 25, this is anything but at the top of their wish list. They prefer to hop from job to job and make money when it suits them. Together with start-up YoungOnes, which originated from YoungCapital, Freshheads developed a digital platform to facilitate exactly that: freelancers register with just a few clicks for short-term jobs for beautiful organisations in the hospitality, retail, logistics or event sector. A smart and fast way of bringing supply and demand together, which has proven to be a hit from day one.

Involved discoverers

"You can think for a long time about what might happen, but you won't know for sure until you test it," says strategist Roel Tuerlings. "Our philosophy was therefore: we put a prototype of such a digital platform online as soon as possible and we see if it works." Similar software was already on the shelf at Freshheads, so: hop - investigate whether it works technically and what it does in the market. So to speak, so to speak. In Tilburg, a number of clients were asked to test the platform, together with freelancers from the YoungCapital network. Roel: "It soon became clear that a digital platform that brings freelancers and clients together with short-term jobs was indeed a golden opportunity in the market. Then we were able to go straight through: upscaling, fine-tuning software and continuing to monitor what was happening."

A strong (success) story

The success of YoungOnes is being picked up in more and more places. It is not for nothing that the platform recently won the prestigious SpinAwards. "That's another great story in itself," laughs Roel. Someone from the SpinAwards organisation, as a client, put a job for a hospitality employee on the YoungOnes online platform. The job was completed within ten minutes: many times faster than a temporary employment agency could, in other words. "With that example from their own organisation, we managed to convince the jury nicely," says Roel. "As a client, they had experienced the great advantage of YoungOnes - without the jury being aware of it, by the way. The platform is now successfully operating in cities such as Tilburg, Rotterdam, The Hague, Amsterdam and Utrecht. From the start in March 2018 until August 2019, more than 830 clients joined us, along with more than 7,300 freelancers, who worked together on 23,400 jobs.

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