Green Deal Sustainability of business parks Kraaiven and Vossenberg signed

Seven parties from Brabant signed the Green Deal to make the Kraaiven and Vossenberg business parks in Tilburg more sustainable. Agreements have been made for a sustainability approach with a focus on stimulating the sustainable energy transition. 

Entrepreneurs from the Kraaiven and Vossenberg business parks can seize opportunities in the areas of the circular economy, collective energy generation, climate adaptation and biodiversity. The Vital business associations Kraaiven and Vossenberg, the Municipality of Tilburg, OMWB environmental service, the Province of Noord-Brabant, BOM Renewable Energy and the MOED Foundation are part of the Green Deal. 

The broadening of the sustainability objectives in the area of existing business parks in Brabant has not yet been tackled at this level of scale and detail. This makes this project interesting for knowledge transfer and as an example project for broadening the sustainability objectives on other existing business parks. 

Concrete objectives

During the Green Deal, 100% of the companies based at Kraaiven and Vossenberg were informed about the laws and regulations in the field of energy and the additional sustainability guidelines that apply to them. And 50% of the companies located on the business park systematically work on making their business operations more sustainable via the Green Deal. 

During the term, opportunities and possibilities will also be identified and further investigated in the areas of circular economy, collective energy generation, climate adaptation and biodiversity. These opportunities can be further developed together if they complement or reinforce the stimulus approach to the energy transition.

Berend de Vries, Alderman for the Economy of the Municipality of Tilburg, and Chairman of the Board of the MOED Foundation on the Green Deal:
"The Kraaiven and Vossenberg business parks in Tilburg show a positive development. Through cooperation between the business community and the authorities, they have arrived at an approach in which stimulation of sustainability, supervision and enforcement of legislation go hand in hand. The Green Deal is an initiative of and for entrepreneurs and leads to energy savings and sustainable energy generation. In addition, the Green Deal takes advantage of opportunities in the field of 
climate adaptation, biodiversity and circular economy. This will give an extra stimulus to the efforts of the municipality of Tilburg to be climate-neutral by 2045. By making the Kraaiven and Vossenberg business parks more sustainable, we hope to inspire other vital associations in Tilburg, business parks in the region and the rest of the Netherlands".

Gerard Jacobs, chairman of Vitaal bedrijventerrein Kraaiven on the Green Deal:

"For the associations Vitaal Kraaiven and Vossenberg, sustainability is an expression of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which is increasingly common in companies of all sizes. In addition, Vitaal Kraaiven and Vossenberg have the objective of informing, relieving and facilitating entrepreneurs. So it is logical that we also do this in the field of sustainability and energy transition, because working on vital and sustainable business parks is something we do together!

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