HelloLex comes up with a new concept for legal services

HelloLex B.V. opens its doors to entrepreneurs and launches legal aid in a new format. 

A collaboration between VDT Advocaten and Bas van der Werf has resulted in a company that focuses on serving starters, freelancers and the micro SME sector. Understandable Dutch language, accessible service, fast delivery and transparent low costs are the starting point for this new online legal service provider. 

Online provider 

HalloLex's main goal is to prevent legal disputes by means of contracts and packages that can be purchased online. Focusing on various facets of a business, offering packages put together by entrepreneurs must include the ability to guarantee the legal health of a starter from the outset. 

Innovation in the legal profession 

Due to the close cooperation with VDT Advocaten, which is mainly a partner for the contracts and legal background of HalloLex, a new business model has been developed within the legal profession. This guarantees the quality of the offered contracts. 

Engine of the Dutch economy 

The vast majority of businesses are self-employed persons who decide not to use the services of a legal service provider because of excessive costs and inadequate service. As legal health also plays an important role for this group, HalloLex focuses on the gap that has arisen between the legal service provider fed by disproportionate costs and the business community. 

Leave legal to Lex. 

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