Icon project Sub-economy Tilburg

HeelNederlandDeelt is a platform where citizens, businesses and civil society organisations can easily share products and services at local level. The idea behind this icon project is to combine the four elements - Online platform, Physical location, Spatial Planning and Community Manager - in a solid approach in a municipality, city or village.


In October 2018 a start was made in Tilburg for a more circular city by means of the new platform www.tilburgcirculair.nl. This platform is a starting point for raising awareness among residents and businesses about the circular economy. What is there already in the city in terms of circular products and services; cycles, second-hand shops, subplatforms, repair and recycling, and how can I make use of them and what projects in the circular economy are running in the municipality?

The next step is to designate a number of places physical places as sub-locations. These have to be both existing locations and locations that are still to be built. The existing location could be La Poubelle in Tilburg, the Midden-Brabant Library or another thrift shop. A community manager will be appointed for these locations, who will ensure a flourishing sub-economy in the neighbourhood and who will also fulfil a social role in this. New construction or redevelopment projects can also give substance to the sub-economy, for example by means of a sub-shed, car-sharing or other aspects of the sub-economy.

Online community

This approach is supported by first creating more awareness in Tilburg about the better use of products and sustainable services via the www.tilburgcirculair.nl platform. A second step is to build a very active online community via HeelNederlandDeelt.nl/TilburgDeelt.nl, in a joint approach with possible other existing platforms.

This creates an area in which the physical location, the spatial planning, a community manager and the online platform reinforce each other. The Transition Team's proposal is to draw up a plan in 2019, together with at least two other municipalities, for a municipal approach to the sub-economy, with the four elements interwoven in it.

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