Illustrator Djenné Fila wins workplace 10 Year Challenge

Two months ago, we called on entrepreneurs from Tilburg to share their dreams and ambitions with us and thus have a chance to win a free workplace for six months in 3 Suisses. Numerous entrepreneurial dreams were submitted via our platform and at special Make it in Tilburg columns at various locations in the city. Inspiring images of the future that we are going to keep behind lock and key for the next ten years... To be returned to all the participating dreamers in 2029. Illustrator Djenné Fila (24) has been chosen as the winner of the coveted workplace in 3 Suisses. Time for a short introduction to this ambitious image creator!

How did you feel about looking ahead ten years?

"Actually quite difficult. It is easier to set short-term goals. I have tried to look at the future in a realistic and at the same time ambitious way. As an illustrator and creative entrepreneur, I have a lot of dreams, but you also have to stay rational. My biggest dream? That I have been able to illustrate dozens of unique books that many people have on their bookshelves."

Do you think that in ten years' time you will still be working from Tilburg?

"I studied in Breda and Ghent, but it felt like a logical step to start my business in Tilburg. The city offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs like me. I think I'll stick around for a while!"

What do you expect from your new workplace in 3 Suisses? 

"At the moment I work from home. Now I'm disciplined enough to just work my hours, but I'm really looking forward to being able to go 'to work'. To another, inspiring place. I also think it would be great to meet other artists and entrepreneurs in 3 Suisses. Who knows, there might even be some nice collaborations."

Do you have a nice message for other (prospective) entrepreneurs?

"When you start your own business, you have a lot in your own hands. You can manage your affairs well and ensure that you remain productive. But you also need to get things moving. Take the plunge. That way, you will always develop yourself."

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