INC. with gianotten printed media

Ink dries faster than water. Rain remains, tears betray you, but ink, ink automatically changes into something permanent', writes Lucas in his story: Ink. The inspiration for this dark fairy tale came from Gianotten Printed Media. He found the romance of printing in a 100-year-old company.

Now Gianotten Printed Media is a top-of-the-game graphic service provider. They help other organizations to get a message across. They believe in the power of new and conventional media and bring colour to this world every day. This is how their slogan says: "ADD COLOR."

Printed in ink together with Lucas

Dre Stevens, former director - Gianotten Printed Media: "The moment the concept was presented to us, we had no choice but to show colour! By colour, we mean the unique opportunity that printed matter offers to tell a story. That's why, together with other beautiful Brabant-based companies, we are proud 'founding father' of project Tilt. This way of storytelling and collaboration has once again confirmed what innovation can bring about. It brings about beautiful and surprising collaborations. Innovation knows no boundaries and breaks through all existing paradigms. Nothing could be better than for a company to contribute to innovative projects and talent development in our own Brabant."

100 years of history

Hendricus Gianotten started a printing company 100 years ago, just in a room above his kitchen. He was involved in trade union work and Het Nieuwsblad van het Zuiden. His son Jo Gianotten made the company big with film and circus posters, his son again with the printing of books and dissertations. His son (Joost Gianotten) focused together with Dré Steven on the hospitality and entertainment industry. Each generation of Gianotten made his own mark on the company. After Joost's death, Dré continued. Dré: "For 100 years we have been translating the stories of others. That's our story. It is interwoven in our DNA." Recently, Dré handed over the baton to Ron Boer, the new director of Gianotten Printed Media.

Lucas de Waard

Lucas de Waard (1984) has written for Bos Theaterproducties, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Cojones (BNNVARA) and Janke Dekker productions. In 2015 his first novel 'De Kamers' (The Chambers) appeared. In 2016 he won a Musical Award for the best script, for 'Willem Ruis; the show of his life'. His second novel, 'Crow counting', appeared in 2017. Lucas is the driving force behind 'Team Edgar', the literary football site, from which his latest book 'Mindere gods' originated.

Innovative storytelling

With INC. Tilt occupies the position between two growing fields of the Brabant landscape: the innovative business community and young literary talent in the province. Tilt was looking for enthusiastic, creative companies and authors to work together, to get to know each other better and to learn from each other.

Eight talented young writers participated in eight companies in Brabant this summer. They sat down at a new desk, chatted at the coffee machine, took a walk with the director, or wandered around in warehouses. They took a look behind the scenes and drew inspiration for a short story. The eight stories that emerged from this are bundled in INC.

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