Innovience International explores the reach of the internet

Internet without restrictions due to plastic fiber capacity in your home or office. That's possible now. With his invention OptoXSTM from the company Innovience International, which he founded and now runs with partners, Luuk Pals makes a new generation of indoor networks via optical (LED) technology possible. Always and everywhere an unlimited powerful and reliable internet connection, via the network and via WiFi. Because of this smart sustainable solution and the impact they can make in a huge market, Innovience Int. has been named Impactmaker of the quarter*.

Alderman Berend de Vries (economics) presented a miniature social sofa - as successor to Bedrijf van de Month - during a visit to Innovience on 19 April. "Innovience Int. responds intelligently to the demand for a stable and reliable internet connection. With their global connections inside and outside the technical field, the knowledge with which they attract employees outside the region, their cooperation with Eindhoven University of Technology and the potential impact they have on the market, we are proud that this company is located in Tilburg. Smart and creative entrepreneurs work as a catalyst for other smart industries. And with the potential that this product has, global impact cannot be ruled out. I understand that Luuk is already working with parties in Latin America and the USA. We can only encourage that!"


Under the trade name FIBERunlimited, the company is about to conquer the world from Tilburg. Luuk Pals is not afraid of competition, a European patent has already been obtained and with the lead in knowledge that he and his team have built up, it will take some time before the company can be overtaken. Luuk: "My mission is to improve communication with each other, now I have the technology to do that, for both the business market and the consumer market, and we are unique in that. Hundreds of projects divided into different segments such as homes, schools, hotels and offices are already equipped with our technology." This technology is marketed through distributors and operators such as KPN. "We recently furnished 300 homes, and the old KPN headquarters in The Hague has been 'converted' into 300 apartments. We have also equipped the hotel at the end of the Pier in Scheveningen (The Pier Suites) with our technology and we are now working on a variety of new projects.

Tilburg the smartest

According to Luuk, the fact that he makes an impact from Tilburg is easy to explain: "Tilburg is very centrally located and the accessibility is excellent. You can easily reach Eindhoven, Rotterdam or Amsterdam by train. Excellent accessibility without having to pay the main price for a building. In addition, the facilities are excellent and there is a lot of knowledge and still available labour potential. My ambition with Tilburg? With my Smart City Academy program together with the municipality of Tilburg I want to become the Smart City of the Netherlands!"

*Impactmaker is the successor of 'Company of the Month' by the municipality of Tilburg and Make it in Tilburg (Citymarketing Tilburg). Every quarter, the initiative focuses on a Tilburg-based company that is distinguished by innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. They are the entrepreneurs in Tilburg who make an impact, both within and outside the city limits.

Photo caption: Luuk Pals of Innovience with the social sofa presented by alderman Berend de Vries.