ISAH Business Software from Tilburg is going to make worldwide software for Huisman

The Tilburg-based company Isah Business Software has signed a large order with its customer Huisman. Isah's ERP software will help more than 2000 Huisman employees worldwide to manage integrated projects on a 'global level', also in Chinese.

Since 1929, Huisman has been designing and producing ship cranes, drilling rigs and ship designs for the world's leading companies in the markets for renewable energy for offshore wind and geothermal energy, oil and gas, civil engineering and recreation. For almost 20 years, the company has been supported by Isah's ERP software for its logistics processes from its headquarters in Schiedam.

"When the cooperation with Isah came into being, Huisman was mainly nationally oriented. Moreover, at the time of the implementation, the information requirements within our organisation were very different from what they are today." According to Huisman CEO Theo Bruijninckx. Over the years, Huisman has experienced enormous growth, opening offices and production sites in the US, Singapore, the Czech Republic and China. In particular, the need to work integrally and to manage projects worldwide, supported by a single system, prompted us to look for an updated ERP solution. Bruijninckx: "We looked at several ERP providers. The fact that Isah was already on board was an important reason for us to have a discussion with them as well. Over the past year and a half, we have worked closely together, carrying out in-depth process analyses of strategic production processes and investigating local requirements, particularly in China. This is to determine whether Isah is the pragmatic partner we are looking for. The fact that Isah thinks along with us at the right level about our information needs, the automation of our business processes and also offers appropriate solutions for this, is decisive for us to go back to work with Isah. Supporting a production process that is as efficient as possible with Isah's fully integrated Shop Floor Control system is 'key' for Huisman."

In the coming years, Isah will be implemented worldwide at Huisman. The production, sales, service and engineering activities are spread over the Huisman locations worldwide. The sales activities take place from the Netherlands, the United States, Singapore and Norway, the engineering is mainly carried out in the Netherlands and the production takes place mainly in China and the Czech Republic. Worldwide Service and After-sales are provided from the branches in the US and Singapore, among other places. Bert van den Hil, Project Manager at Isah, explains: "In order to understand Huisman's production philosophy, we and a team from Isah made two visits to the gigantic production site in China (800 FTE). That certainly helped us to determine the right project approach. We are very much looking forward to the implementation of this wonderful project, in which, for the first time, we are going to roll out our software completely in the Chinese language as well."

About Isah

Isah is a software company from Tilburg that has been active in the field of ERP software for the manufacturing industry since 1987. More than 700 manufacturing companies worldwide work with Isah Business Software. Isah's customers include machine and equipment manufacturers and high-tech suppliers in leading sectors such as the medical sector; the semiconductor industry, food, on- and offshore, agricultural sector, automotive, etcetera.

From its head office in Tilburg - located on the Tradepark 58 business park - approximately 100 employees contribute daily to the success of customers in the manufacturing industry. Isah is responsible for the development, sales, implementation and product support, partly supported by Romanian software development teams. In order to optimally serve the customer-order-driven industry, Isah also cooperates with a number of certified sales and implementation partners. In the Netherlands they are Datamex (Breda) and Komexo (Geldermalsen). In addition, Isah has two of its own offices in Germany for sales and implementation there and we work with certified partners in North America (GWA) and Africa (Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings).

Isah ERP supports the complete "Product Life Cycle" in manufacturing companies. From the creation of a product (engineering integration), all purchasing and sales processes, logistics and production administration through to service and after-sales, are supported by one integrated system. With Isah Project Management it is possible to control the complex structures of sales and production of projects. With Isah Finance, customers also benefit greatly from the fact that this solution is fully integrated into the ERP. Its requirements are specifically tailored to the practice of manufacturing companies. The ERP system is supported by a modern technological platform and an optimal ease of use.

About Huisman

Huisman, founded in 1929, is active worldwide and provides step changing technical solutions to the world's leading companies in the markets for sustainable energy for offshore wind and geothermal energy, oil and gas, civil engineering and recreation.

The product range can be divided into six main categories: cranes, on-board installations, pipeline systems, winches, ship designs and special projects. The projects range from stand-alone components to highly advanced, integrated systems: from concept to installation and life time support.

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