LocHal nominated for Dutch Design Awards

The LocHal has again been nominated for a prestigious prize! Within the category 'Habitat', the City Hall will compete with two other participants during the Dutch Design Awards.  Each year, the best Dutch designers and their most impressive and pioneering projects are rewarded in the national competition.  The winners will be announced on Wednesday 12 June. 

Every year, the Dutch designers are asked to submit their best work for a Dutch Design Award.  Committees of independent experts select three nominees per category on the basis of the open registration and scouted work.  Different disciplines, viewpoints and solutions are considered in the light of the impact they have on our society. An eight-member jury then selects the winner in each category.


"The well thought-out mix of - partly contrasting - untouched artifacts of the old building and the new additions and spaciousness is impressive. Heritage details, new lines of sight and the use of textile architecture, for example, contribute to a surprising and pleasant space and atmosphere. The result is functional, impressive and inviting. In addition to the physical result, the multidisciplinary collaboration that forms the basis of the assessment is also taken into account. After all, the LocHal offers a beckoning perspective for other, similar buildings and locations in our country."

About DDA

Dutch Design Awards (DDA) has been leading in the interpretation of excellent Dutch design for many years. DDA not only looks ahead, but also back: to our design traditions and the great impact that the Dutch design mentality has in the world. Dutch design is now a global concept and perhaps even a figure of speech. DDA's goal is to go beyond rewarding the best design: they want to keep the conversation about Dutch design going. With a great deal of openness and curiosity, they therefore facilitate exchanges between designers and curators, the public and professionals. In this way, they continue to emphasise the essential impact of design on society and to contribute to the development of the profession. Thanks to the BNO and DesignLink, Dutch Design Awards saw the light of day in 2003 as the Dutch Design Awards. Since 2005, DDA has had an office in the design capital of Eindhoven. With the competition, the Award Show and a retrospective exhibition, DDA shows and rewards the best in the field of Dutch design and brings winners to the attention of colleagues, the press and the general public. DDA is part of the Dutch Design Foundation and is one of the highlights of Dutch Design Week, which attracts over 350,000 visitors annually.

Tilburg in the DDA

In addition to the LocHal, the Tilburg initiative of Interpolis and Fresheads was also nominated for a Dutch Design Award.  More about this will follow this week!