Makersfonds Application. Deadline first round 2023

The first round of the Makersfonds 2023 will open on Monday 9 January 2023 at noon. The deadline will close on Monday 30 January at 12.00 pm. Applications not submitted via the digital application form or submitted late will not be considered. You can see the scheme and submit an application on this page. Applications that receive a positive recommendation based on the written assessment will be invited for an oral explanation.

For questions about the Makersfonds 2023, please contact Lieke Gaminde,, 06 29 68 41 48.

Results Makersfonds 2022 second round

The results of the second round of the Makersfonds 2022 are known. This round, 61 applications were submitted for a total amount of €431,013.35.

At the end of the summer, the applications were assessed and interviews were held with the applicants who, based on the written assessment, best matched the criteria of the scheme. Based on the available budget of €137,500 for this round, a total of 20 applications were honoured. Below is the overview of the honoured applications.

A total of 40 applications have thus been honoured in 2022 for a total amount of € 275,000. The Makersfonds was set up in 2017 and since then, more than €1 million has been provided to 209 Tilburg-based makers.

More information about the Makersfonds can be found here.

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