acquired by incubator Van Spaendonck has been taken over by the Tilburg-based company Van Spaendonck, the incubator that has been providing services to SMEs for 100 years. With this, Van Spaendonck has acquired a leading online platform for SMEs and the expertise of an online media company. The reach of among entrepreneurs in the Netherlands is the main reason for Van Spaendonck's acquisition. has 225,000 visitors a month and provides current and future generations of entrepreneurs daily with content that helps them realise their ambitions and dreams. Ronald de Snoo, Business Owner of "The combination of the activities creates a strong collective with which we can make a real impact in the SME market.

Thanks to the acquisition, Van Spaendonck gives the certainty that it will continue to offer entrepreneurs relevant content in the long term. In addition to, Van Spaendonck will also acquire the community platform Big Dash and online marketing agency Agency No9 from Dutch Network Group. "The sale to Van Spaendonck not only ensures continuity but also guarantees an entrepreneurial spirit," says Willem Overbosch, founder of Dutch Network Group.

Knowledge partner MKB-Nederland will continue to link its name to

Providing SMEs with knowledge and Van Spaendonck both see many opportunities to grow SME entrepreneurs together. "The need for practical knowledge among entrepreneurs is great. With the acquisition of we are adding a reliable online channel to our current product range. In combination with the network that we have built up over the past 100 years within the SME sector, enables us to provide entrepreneurs faster and better with knowledge, inspiration and tools", says Jeroen de Heer, chairman of the board of Van Spaendonck.

About Van Spaendonck

Since 1919, Van Spaendonck has been facilitating cooperation between people and companies in the SME sector by offering smart solutions in the field of work and cooperation. Van Spaendonck is the organisation behind, with which 1.1 million employees in the Netherlands are paid, the MKB Banenmonitor and the services provided by Wissenraet Van Spaendonck to sector associations and foundations. As an incubator for SMEs, Van Spaendonck works on start-ups such as Qwoater, Brench! Cooperator and Together they serve more than 130,000 employers.

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