New course and fresh restyling for restaurant Auberge du Bonheur

On Wednesday 16 May, after a major renovation, the doors of the restaurant of Auberge du Bonheur will open again. The restaurant has been completely restyled. 

Responsible for the interior design is Shirley Dap of Heal Design. "The new atmosphere is natural chic. The combination of pure use of colour and luxurious materials creates a warm and positive feeling. And it makes the link with the natural environment. Important fixed elements have remained, such as the characteristic wall stones and the bar, which has only been updated. The wine cupboards in the wall, the large planters and the eye-catching wallpaper are also striking and stylish."  

Tim Wijdemans, Managing Director of Bonheur Horeca Group, is more than satisfied with the end result and the course of the job, which was completed in just two weeks. "With this new atmosphere, we expect to appeal to a younger audience and at the same time give our loyal guests the hospitality they are used to from us. The new layout of the rooms also provides more privacy. The atmosphere in the conservatory, for example, has become much more intimate. The private dining areas have also undergone a metamorphosis. We have made a subtle name change to confirm the new course. From now on, the restaurant will be called La Nouvelle Auberge. The caption 'your taste' emphasizes the younger approach, in which the wishes of the guest always remain the most important".

Pure flavours and colours

The metamorphosis of La Nouvelle Auberge is of course also visible in the menu. Cuisinier Ralph Blaakenburg says he has gone back to the essence of food and cooking. "The result is the choice of pure dishes to suit the season. The ingredients, their flavours and textures are easy to recognize. And the explosion of colour in the dishes makes for a party on the table." 

Products from the neighbourhood

The fine cooperation with local suppliers is indispensable for Ralph and his team. "We also have our own herb and vegetable garden and are always busy developing our own products, such as our own Suspicion 1712. Choosing only the best products brings the taste experience to a top level. The wine list compiled by our sommelier, Bart Verbunt, adds to that."

New menus

At La Nouvelle Auberge, the design of the dinner has changed, because the à la carte menu no longer exists. Guests can choose from the successful Surprising Seven menu (four or seven courses), which was served for the seven thousandth time at the end of last year. New is the La Nouvelle Auberge menu (three to six courses). This is the signature menu of cuisinier Ralph Blaakenburg and host-sommelier Bart Verbunt. It guarantees an evening of pure indulgence.