Opening Railway Park

It's finally time for the opening of the Spoorpark! The arrival of the largest citizens' initiative in the Netherlands will be celebrated throughout the weekend. A beautiful location like this also attracts many entrepreneurs. That is why we have here an overview of all the companies and initiatives that establish themselves in Tilburg's new city garden!

T-huis -> Dirk de Leeuw and Lennart Veersma

This will be the living room of the Spoorpark, a location where a restaurant will be located with a terrace around and even on the water. On the west side there is a Japanese flower garden where you can walk and some places to enjoy it in peace.

Move -> Bart Spijkers

The cooperating parties of BEWEEGR are Fysio Spijkers and Beach Tilburg, who provide a wide range of lifestyle, training and rehabilitation services. . . They are working on a community for sports, exercise and health, with an appealing beach sports location, paramedical centre and sports facilities, including an exercise garden for the elderly, bootcamp and obstacle

Stadscamping -> Brigitte Blanken, Erik van Gool and Eric Steur 

From April to September, this location will offer approximately 20 pitches for campers who visit our city in a tent or camper van and want to stay for a few nights. Of course also to festival visitors. In addition, the intention is to realize some Bed & Breakfast pitches. No standard rooms, but original self-built accommodations. These will be built together with the people of Tilburg. The accommodations must be mobile and sustainable. 

Urban Sports Aera -> Lois de Jong and Rens Verbruggen

There is a beautiful concrete multisport location, which consists of a curved track with a number of classic obstacles where skating, cycling and stepping to your heart's content can be practiced. It can function as an area where international competitions can be organized. 

Artist Marieke Vromans is very active, also in Tilburg. Probably also from the traffic light "De Kruikenzeiker". For the Spoorpark she combined visual art with landscape architecture in her work De Rits. Because of the shape, location and meaning of the zipper, which has a multiple reference, the image of a gigantic zipper that opens up the city and puts a park at your feet, appeals to everyone's imagination.

In addition, Stichting de Torenbouwers is building a 35-metre-high watchtower that connects the city with nature in the Kempen area. Visitors will pay a contribution to climb up the tower, just as they did in the case of the Flaestoren.

Lucy Bathgate's fantastic water system links up with Waterschap de Dommel, Imke Borrowing from H2Oké and students of MBO education in water & greenery at Heliconen.