Plenty of opportunities in Jiangsu for entrepreneurs

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Jiangsu and Noord-Brabant becoming official sister provinces. Economic and cultural ties connect the two provinces. The friendship between Jiangsu and Brabant has brought benefits to both provinces and is promising for the future. Brabant and Jiangsu are prosperous provinces with a well-developed economy with an emphasis on high-tech. The provinces are working to strengthen the economic ties and to promote the business relationships between companies. On the occasion of this special 25th anniversary of the friendship between Jiangsu and Brabant, the Vice-Governor of Jiangsu, Mr. Guo Yanqiang, paid a visit to Noord-Brabant from 21 to 25 June, including a visit to Tilburg.

On Sunday 23 June a Chinese delegation, led by Vice-Governor Guo from the sister province of Jiangsu, paid a visit to GVT Group of Logistics. GVT organised a nice reception with a substantive presentation of general manager Roland Verbraak at the head office and a visit to Railport Brabant. Together with the Suzhou Newcity Investment and Development Co.Ltd they also made a stop at Barge Terminal Tilburg, where they reacted enthusiastically to the good multimodal infrastructure and the strategic location of Tilburg in Europe. The EU is China's most important trading partner. The Chinese economy is expected to grow even further. For this reason, there are plenty of opportunities in Jiangsu.

There are currently 267 Dutch companies active in Jiangsu and more than 70 companies from Jiangsu are based in the Netherlands. More than 30 companies from Brabant have already developed business activities in Jiangsu in recent years. Brabant companies NXP, VDL ETG and ProDrive are based in Jiangsu with their sales offices, production sites or logistics operations. As a result, the Jiangsu - Dutch Business Seminar was organised on Monday 24 June at the Provinciehuis in Den Bosch. During this seminar also a number of special drawing moments took place. For example, GVT signed a cooperation agreement with the investment group from Suzhou Jiangsu regarding the development of the logistics industry and import/export trade. The celebration of the anniversary ended with a festive dinner for guests at Heeswijk Castle.

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