Ron van Mook switches from Dynniq Mobility Netherlands to Remoticom in Tilburg.

Ron van Mook will join Remoticom as COO on 1 October 2019. Remoticom is a fast growing company based in Tilburg and focuses on making the living and working environment of people safer, more efficient and more sustainable by applying smart wireless technology. With the arrival of Ron van Mook Remoticom takes a new step in the organization. In this way they want to set up an organizational structure that is ready for the future. 

With the accession of Ron van Mook, the management of Remoticom consists of Joost van der Velden (Owner/CEO) and Monique van Groeninge (CFO). Ron van Mook has extensive experience in the field of Smart Lighting and Smart City. In recent years he has been active as Director Service Dynniq Mobility Netherlands and has previously held various operational and commercial management positions. Remoticom's more than 30 years of market knowledge in the domains of Public Lighting, Traffic and Wastewater will help with customer relations and further product innovations.

Plans & ambition

Remoticom plans to grow even faster in the coming years. They aim to become market leader in the Dutch Internet of Things market within three years, with a focus on smart sensor technology. Furthermore, they want to expand the company to other European countries and eventually even worldwide. Remoticom Smart Tech offers solutions for technical installations, Remoticom Smart Crowd provides crowd control at events or in retail. 

Rapid grower

According to CEO Van der Velden, the secret of rapid growth and success lies in entering into smart partnerships. "We want to be compact and agile, so that we can move along in a rapidly changing playing field and still make the impact that we have in mind. The organisation therefore invests heavily in long-term relationships that enable global expansion. Being truly innovative is not just about products or services, according to Van der Velden. It is precisely in the cooperation with customers and partners that the difference is made. "We want to get more out of a collaboration and join forces." With this in mind, Remoticom joined VodafoneZiggo in 2018, which shares this vision and also works with progressive, reliable technology.

Remoticom is finalist for the Junior BOV-trophy, a trophy for starting entrepreneurs in the region of Midden-Brabant. The organization offers a platform to young/start-up entrepreneurs who come to the market with their talents. On 7 November it will be announced whether they can call themselves the winner.

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