Start of construction of renewed emmapassage

On Thursday afternoon, May 16, the symbolic first pile was driven for the renewed Emmapassage by alderman Mario Jacobs of Tilburg municipality and managing directors Pieter Polman of Wereldhave and Jur van Aken on behalf of Bouwcombinatie Van de Ven - Van Schijndel. In this way, Wereldhave and the municipality of Tilburg are giving the go-ahead for the construction of the renovated Emmapassage and Frederikstraat-Zuid as part of the redevelopment of Tilburg's core shopping area.

During the celebration, both the Municipality of Tilburg and Wereldhave expressed their views on the high level of ambition of the plans for the new Emmapassage and the successful cooperation between all parties involved. 

Renewal of the Emmapassage

As the second phase of the redevelopment in the centre of Tilburg, the Emmapassage will be completely renovated in 2019. The covered and enclosed shopping centre will be transformed into a modern shopping area, without a roof and open to the public day and night. The new Emmapassage will connect to the Heuvelstraat via Frederikstraat and thus strengthen the shopping circuit in Tilburg city centre. The positioning of the area is modern and high quality, with quality shops and restaurants in a stylish shopping area with double-height shop fronts. Parallel to the renewal, Wereldhave is active in the letting of the project.

Caption: vlnr. Jur van Aken (Bouwcombinatie Van de Ven - Van Schijndel), Pieter Polman (Wereldhave), Marlous Mutsaers (Bookstore Gianotten Mutsaers) and Mario Jacobs (Alderman Municipality of Tilburg).

Development of the Tilburg core shopping area

In 2016, Wereldhave, the municipality of Tilburg and the Bouwcombinatie Winkelrondje entered into a partnership to improve the core shopping area in Tilburg. The spearheads of the cooperation are the optimisation of the shopping area and the route, the addition of houses and an attractive, green public space in the area between the Emmapassage, Heuvelstraat and the Pieter Vreedeplein. In September 2017, the first results of the cooperation became visible with the opening of Frederikstraat Noord, Hudson's Bay, the renovated HEMA and the renovated Pieter Vreedeplein. The first new stores in the Emmapassage will be delivered at the end of 2019 and the Frederikstraat Zuid will be built until 2021 to finalise the connection between the Heuvelstraat and the Emmapassage. 

About Wereldhave

Wereldhave is a Dutch listed property investor. It invests in medium-sized shopping centres in North-West Europe that are dominant in their region with a primary catchment area of at least 100,000 inhabitants. Convenient shopping is central to Wereldhave's shopping centres. The centres are easily accessible and have a wide range of shops, extensive facilities, attractive restaurants, supermarkets and a mix of strong (inter)national tenants with local heroes that together provide 90% of the retail needs.