The BOV Trophy 2019

What do you think is the best enterprise in Central Brabant? Under this year's theme 'A future with history' it is now possible to nominate a company for the BOV Trophy 2019!

BOV stands for Best Entrepreneur Vision. The organization is in the hands of the Junior Chamber Heart of Brabant. As the name suggests, we are looking for the best entrepreneur. Because there are many types of entrepreneurs, companies and industries, this is tested annually within a certain theme. This year there is a very special edition of the BOV-Trophy on the program. The prestigious prize will be awarded for the 20th time. The big question remains the same: which entrepreneur has the best vision according to the jury and can add himself to the long list of prominent winners? Who will succeed Capi Europe as the winner of the BOV Trophy in 2019?

The great thing about the prize is that anyone can nominate companies. It is therefore possible that a company that you have nominated will be on the podium in November as a finalist or even as a winner. The condition is that the company meets the following criteria:

The head office of the company must be in Midden-Brabant.
There must be a minimum of 20 employees (FTE).
The company must have been in existence for at least 5 years.
The DGA must be at the helm
Not been a finalist of the BOV-Trophy in the past 5 years.
And last but not least: the company must have an interface with the annual theme.
As mentioned earlier, the anniversary edition of the BOV Trophy will take place within the framework of: "A future with history".
With this, the organization is looking for companies that are (still) above the surface because of the choices they made in the past. The jury interpreted this fact as broadly as possible. So it could have been a change in business management, but it could also have been a steady move with the times. As long as it turns out that the choices within the company vision have led to a company making further progress.

Do you know a wonderful company that meets the above criteria and do you see that company as the (potential) winner of the BOV Trophy 2019? Then carry the company for and mail to, including candidates BOV-Trophy 2019. The organisation of the candidate in question would like to receive the following information:

- Company name
- Short motivation
- Address details
- Contact details of the DGA

The closing date of the nomination is 31 March 2019.

For more information about the BOV Trophy, please visit For an overview of the former winners, please visit the website of the BOV Trophy. For specific questions regarding the nomination procedure, please contact