Tilburg associations frontrunner innovation Large Club action

That Tilburg is a real pilot city is proven here again. For 47 years now, the Large Club Action has been organising a national lottery for all sports, cultural and hobby clubs in the Netherlands from Tilburg. For clubs in and around Tilburg, they are introducing a new pilot with various initiatives, both online and offline, to make it easy to sell tickets.

80% of the proceeds go to the club!

This year, more than 5,000 clubs are participating in the Great Club Action and more than 250,000 lottery ticket sellers are on the road to sell tickets. Of each lot of € 3,- sold, no less than € 2,40 (80%) goes directly to the club fund. This money is spent on various club goals, such as the purchase of new materials or for the organization of an activity. Lottery tickets are usually sold via sales booklets with one-time authorisations. For all clubs, the Big Club Action expands the sales and communication tools this year with non-at-home tickets and beer coasters. This will contain a QR code that can be used to buy tickets online. Online is becoming more and more user-friendly, easier and faster. 

More online sales

This year, we are introducing a pilot in and around Tilburg to more than 70 associations. In the pilot we will introduce various initiatives, both online and offline, to make it easy to sell lots. Examples include personalized flyers for associations to distribute within their district, coffee cups and keycords with cards that can be used to sell lottery tickets via a QR code. The latter is particularly useful as a sales tool for associations around competitions and events. Another method is to share the sales link via WhatsApp and other social media channels for an even larger and faster reach.

Benefits of association and buyer

Did you know that more tickets are sold online faster? This is not the only advantage. Other advantages for associations are: less input work afterwards, fewer wrongly entered authorizations, a decrease in reversals and a real-time status of the lottery sales.

Buyers also benefit. They receive the lottery numbers directly via e-mail, are informed of the results of the draw and hold private data in their own hands.

Why Tilburg?

Why the choice for clubs from Tilburg and surroundings? We started 47 years ago in Tilburg, but we are also based in Tilburg, which makes it quicker and more practical to adjust this pilot or possibly provide extra support to an association. Our goal is of course to make the new methods available to all clubs in the Netherlands next year. 

Support an association and have a chance to win

The effort of club members is immediately rewarded with extra income for the club and depending on the number of tickets they sell, they can win individual prizes, team prizes and/or participation in clinics of famous athletes.

Friends, family and people involved directly support the participating clubs with the action and they have a chance to win one of the 32,000 prizes from the Great Club Action lottery, including the first prize of € 100,000!

Participation is still possible

Associations can still participate in the Grand Club Action 2019. For more information please visit clubactie.nl or call 013 - 455 28 25.