Tilburg companies have received Tilburg trophy

Two real family businesses from Tilburg received a Tilburg trophy last week because they have been in existence for 100 and 125 years. Rijnen Brandstoffen and Bressers Metaal B.V. are just two examples of successful family businesses in Tilburg celebrating their anniversary this year. That says something about the positive business climate in our city! Family businesses are of great importance to the (local) economy. Together, family businesses are responsible for more than half of the gross national product.

Rijnen Brandstoffen

The Tilburg-based company Rijnen Brandstoffen received the Tilburg Trophy on Saturday 21 September for its 100th anniversary. The company is a genuine Tilburg family business and has been a total supplier of heat since 1919. Founder of the company, Antonis Rijnen, started selling coal. Meanwhile, the company - located on the Vossenberg industrial estate (https://vossenberg.vitaaltilburg.nl/) - is run by the third and fourth generation. With the development of fuels, the company has managed to maintain itself in the current market and now supplies Diesel, Traxx, Adblue, gases and lubricants. Rijnen fuels is a special company because a substantial part of the turnover is generated by the sale of coal and briquettes. They are one of the largest coal suppliers in the Netherlands and Belgium and customers are located throughout Western Europe. Rijnen is also the exclusive supplier of 'Badger pallets', a new sustainable fuel that displaces fossil fuels such as oil and gas. These pallets are carefully produced and only wood from sustainably managed forests is used. 

Bressers Metaal B.V.

The Tilburg company Bressers Metaal B.V. received the Tilburg Trophy on Thursday 19 September for its 125th anniversary. Bressers Metaal B.V. started at the end of the 19th century as Iron Trader Joh. Bressers. There was also a shop in the Heuvelstraat. Later the name was changed to Joh. Bressers & Sons and other metals and tools, stove parts and building materials were added to the assortment. Under the leadership of the third generation Bressers, a new complex was opened on the Kraaiven industrial estate (https://kraaiven.vitaaltilburg.nl/). Modernisation has always played an important role within the company. In 1966, for example, Bressers was the first steel trader in the Netherlands to have its own fully automatic preservation line for rolling mill products. In 1995, the company received the designation Royal and moved to the Vossenberg industrial estate. 
As a canal-bound company, it has played an important role in bringing the need for the widening and deepening of the Wilhelmina Canal to the attention of the national government. The company is keeping pace with the times: 2100 solar panels have been installed on the roof of the factory.