Tilburg entrepreneur gives away proceeds from children's book

Walter Vermeer is a familiar face in the Netherlands because of his function as chairman, presenter and host. For someone who is so much in the spotlight, it is special that - because of an accident in his childhood - he was always very insecure. With his personal story Walter has done something beautiful for the Dutch Burns Foundation and the Child and Burn Foundation. Together with his wife Chantal, Walter wrote and illustrated his first children's book: "The boy with the beard". The proceeds will go entirely to the Foundations.

Walter Vermeer has been an independent entrepreneur for over 20 years and is active as a speaker, presenter, chairman, talk show host and trainer. He is fortunate to be able to touch people by speaking in public and by (re)presenting companies and institutions. Companies such as Rabobank, Willem II, ING, PostNL, Mediq, De Mediamarkt, Ford, Opel, Legal Desk, Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Algemene Onderwijsbond, Nivea, GVT, Fabory and Prise d'eau are among his clients. He can also be seen as a wedding official in the popular television programme Married at First Sight on RTL4.

In the book, Walter takes you on a journey into the development of a little boy who, after his accident, goes in search of his self-confidence. The self-confidence of the boy who really wanted to become famous. The booklet gives hope, support, inspiration and the booklet gives parents and children an 'instrument' to discuss the subject of self-confidence. Walter wants to make everyone aware of the importance of self-confidence in children and adults. 

In a special way, the reader is given a glimpse of his or her development into an adult man. 

Het boek is te bestellen via: https://waltervermeer.nl/boek/