Tilburg gets largest sunroof in the Netherlands

Thanks to Coolblue's green ambitions, Tilburg will have the largest sunroof in the Netherlands this year. Coolblue is going to cover the entire roof of their distribution centre with solar panels. Their roof is as big as 20 football fields combined and will immediately provide space for about 23,000 solar panels.

Coolblue's roof goes green

All these 23,000 solar panels will not only ensure that the Coolblue distribution centre is energy-neutral, but will also produce so much energy that the distribution centre will even be energy-positive. This means that every Coolblue store, every Coolblue bike and the head office can immediately run on electricity from this gigantic roof from Tilburg. The 11th of October they will start building the gigantic sunroof. Coolblue expects to produce about 7.1 million kWh annually.

Coolblue's green actions

This is not the first thing Coolblue does to be sustainable. For example, they have the Tweedekans products. These are products that have been returned or exchanged, which will later be sold under the name Tweedekans. At the end of last year, Coolblue also invested in sustainable packaging by purchasing a new packaging machine. Coolblue also motivates the customer to recycle the boxes. 

Coolblue's distribution centre is located on the Vossenberg business park.