Tilburg in international project: Empowerment of youth through entrepreneurial skills

Tilburg is participating in an international project: Empowering Youth through Entrepreneurial Skills (EYES). Tanja Jansen-Hassouna is project leader from the municipality. Together with 12 partners from five countries, we worked hard on a tool with which young people and coaches can train their entrepreneurial skills. Last week the tool was tested for the first time by young people and their coaches from Belgium, Germany, England, France and Tilburg. The EYES-event was created in close cooperation with Midpoint and was facilitated by Hall of Fame and S88.

Now you know what you're doing it for.

"For nine months, we worked hard to develop a tool to help young people who are unemployed and have no work and no education/qualification (NEETs) to get in touch with public authorities more easily. This is extremely important, because these young people have often lost faith in the government. The special thing about this project is that the tool is developed together with young people. And when you see the energy in the Hall of Fame, you know what you are doing it for! The University of Greenwich (which designs the tool) has received a lot of input from coaches and young people to refine the design.


In North-West Europe, 14% of young people are neither in employment nor in education.  Without qualifications or work experience, the opportunities on the labour market are reduced, while these young people are desperately needed. The EYES approach should help to ensure easy access to the social services that young people would otherwise refuse. The project runs for 3 years and is co-financed by Interreg Nort-West Europe. For an impression of the EYES event, watch the video.

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