Tilburg is in!

Blend013 wants to develop Tilburg into an incentive destination
"More people from outside need to see what's going on here."

Blend013 is the name of the new company of two seasoned professionals in the event and incentive industry: Jeroen van de Kerkhof and Germaine Paulusse. Together with their team they focus on increasing the experience of Tilburg. Their ambition: to develop Tilburg into a versatile, inspiring incentive destination. By devising, developing and organising rock-solid event experiences in the city and the surrounding villages (all with the prefix 013), Blend013 wants to become the destination centre for the region. An ambition that is certainly not too big according to the founders: "Tilburg doesn't have to be modest anymore!"

International visitors

Blend013 works completely independent of locations and always starts from the strategy and goals of the client. "Of course we make intensive use of our network and all the unique places and experiences that the Tilburg region has to offer," says Jeroen van de Kerkhof. "But we can work completely independently and therefore draw up a tailor-made programme. We focus specifically on the business community, government and non-profit organisations. These can be organisations from our own region, but certainly also from outside. It would be great if we could get international guests to our city. Why not? There are so many beautiful things happening here that it is worthwhile and inspiring! Our city deserves more people from outside to see that."

Reinforcing proposals

Blend013 does not only create an experience for guests and visitors. Organisations, locations and initiatives that want to strengthen their proposition in this area will find a team of pragmatic consultants in Blend013 who are able to translate marketing, communication plans and ambitions into concrete actions with effect. And that intended effect is often about attracting extra visitors or playing in the spotlight of a place or event. Germaine: "This is how we work for the Municipality of Tilburg to provide Stadsbos013 with a better experience. For City Marketing Tilburg we did the Explore Tilburg project at the beginning of this year. During the TOP week we introduced 350 students to the city in a surprising way. Two completely different projects that have the same goal: to show what Tilburg has to offer."