Tilburg launches online platform with all circular products and services from the city

Where are second-hand clothing stores in Tilburg? Where can residents go for bicycle repairs? At which cycle can you hand in used furniture or clothing? Can you rent a car or lease a bicycle in Tilburg? Is there a city garden nearby? How can you share things or chores with neighbours? Where can you buy local vegetables, drink sustainable coffee or have an organic lunch? And which other companies or initiatives offer circular products and services?

These questions are now a thing of the past in Tilburg, as they will all be visible on the new online platform www.TilburgCirculair.nl, which will be launched on Thursday 4 October during the opening of the sister initiative 013Circles.

Secondhand, reuse, sharing, borrowing and renting

Tilburg Circular is the platform on which individuals, social organisations and companies can find circular and sustainable products, services, projects and events from Tilburg. From a social point of view, it is becoming increasingly important that we produce and consume in a more sustainable way, and that we throw less into the waste container when we no longer need it. In fact, we don't always have to buy new things and products, we can also reuse, recycle, share, borrow, rent or exchange them. If we do that, we will move towards a circular economy: an economic system that maximizes the reusability of raw materials and products and minimizes value destruction.

The new website gives everyone in and outside Tilburg access to a wide range of sustainable services and products from Tilburg companies and organisations. This also makes it a unique project at municipal level in the Netherlands.

Circular leaders in Tilburg

Circularly active companies and (non-profit) organisations from Tilburg can use the platform to make themselves and their circular products, services and projects visible and accessible to everyone in Tilburg and beyond. A number of frontrunners are already visible on the platform. You will find Aunt Pollewop who sells and rents second-hand wedding dresses, you can buy or pimp used furniture at Peerke, King's Tailor offers the possibility to repair your clothes and you can share things or chores via TilburgPart.

Local brewery Kraftbier brings the beer must (remnants of the beer production) daily to a Tilburg recycling company that turns it into biogas again. The company elho, manufacturer of plastic plant pots, has its own windmill to generate energy and produces watering cans from old detergent bottles. Entrepreneurs at the Vossenberg business park can share company resources and services via Parksharing. Your old sweater will become a new sweater via Wolkat's 'Sweater to Sweater' project and did you know that Zuiderzwam collects the coffee grounds from catering outlets in the city and then cultivates Oyster mushrooms? Which you can also buy or taste in dishes at restaurants in Tilburg?


Tilburg Circular is an initiative of Tilburg Deel, the local subplatform, of which Laury Zwart is one of the founders: "I myself live in Tilburg and I come across more and more beautiful initiatives and companies in the city that are concerned with sustainability, reuse of things, less waste and the local production of food. They are only often not visible to residents. With Tilburg Circular we want to ensure that all these circular initiatives become visible in one place and that residents can really make more use of them."

Alderman (circular) Economy of the Municipality of Tilburg, Berend de Vries, opens Thursday 4 October 013Circles and launches the platform Tilburg Circular: "As a municipality, we find it important to stimulate our residents and businesses to consume and do business in a sustainable way. The idea of a circular economy often starts small and both 013Circles and Tilburg Circular are good examples of this. We like to support the people in the city who take the initiative to contribute to the economy in this sustainable way."


Are you curious which other sustainable products and services can be found in Tilburg? Check out www.TilburgCirculair.nl. As a company, do you also want to become a leader and make your circular products or services visible on the platform? Check out the website for the possibilities or contact us via info@tilburgcirculair.nl.